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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Services

Ongoing Monthly Campaign

This is an ongoing monthly SEO campaign that focuses around content creation and linkbuilding. We will utilize our proprietary system of relationship mining to put the most eyes on your content (and hopefully the most backlinks). We will also make sure to conduct regular SEO projects that include (but are not limited to): title tag optimization, conversion analysis and improvements, usability heat mapping, keyword content integration, competitor analysis, and more.

The Startup SEO One-Time Option

We realize that some organizations have internal bandwidth to handle their own content creation or don’t believe in the value of an ongoing SEO campaign. We can help with a one-time setup that often takes place during a (re)launch of a new brand or website.

Hourly SEO Services

We realize sometimes you just need a couple of hours to have an SEO soundboard to bounce ideas off of or to help a project get completed. Like we said, any option for any type of work you need is available!


Pay-Per-Click Services

Ongoing Monthly Campaign

We will do a full setup from the campaign level all the way down to varying keyword match types. We can work with smaller budgets ($1,500 minimum) to larger budgets ($200k or more). This will include landing page setup and creation to ongoing optimization efforts (bid level adjustments, new keyword research, etc.).

Adwords/Bing Account Setup

If you believe that you can have somebody within your current staff handle ongoing PPC efforts and just need somebody to setup your campaign structure, we’re able to do that.

Quarterly PPC Business Review

Even if you have an experienced agency handling your PPC, sometimes it is a good idea to have a quarterly audit to insure there aren’t mistakes missed opportunities, or new ideas to try that might be getting missed.

Social Media

Social Media Management & Marketing

Audience Reach Campaign

It’s important to have more than just a presence on social media but to focus on growing that audience to be monetized over and over again in the future.

Full Campaign Operation, Management, & Growth

From messaging, to monetization, to audience growth and interactions, E7 Cyber will handle every aspect of your social media marketing.

Content Marketing
Content Writing and Optimization

We have relationships with several authors that have direct experience in a variety of industries that can write quality content to compliment your site (and help boost SEO efforts). If you don’t have the time or resources to be creating content on a regular basis, this is a necessity.

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